road show

A road show is a presentation make by a company to offer a new product, products or services to their potential clients.
It`s important to know that not all the road shows has the purpose of offer new products, for example the "financial road shows" wich we explain later.
Something interesting to knowis that road shows are also called "dog and pony shows".

Road shows are one of the ways companies can  create expectation and interest. it`s a way to know how the potencial consumers react to new products or services too. That's why road shows are so important, they allow us to predict the posibly sucess or failure of the product
A financial road show is a set of meetings across different cities or countries in which executives from a Company know and talk to current and potential investors.

The most important reason why companies conduct road shows are Initial public offers (IPO), in which a private company offers the purchase of shares to investors


Finance Yorkshire Sheffield Road Show 2014

Finance Yorkshire Sheffield Road Show 2014