Dow Jones Industrial

Down Jones Industrial Average The Down Jones Industrial Average is a stock exchange index of the value of 30 large American companies and its average in one of the most historically followed indicators of past, current and future economic conditions in the world. It is sometimes shortened to DJIA.

This index measures the transactions of these 30 companies on a daily basis. The number you hear on the news and see in the newspapers is basically the sum of the values of the stock of each of these 30 companies divided by a mathematical divisor. Today, that divisor is 0.132129493. So imagine the ending result for the DJIA was 10,000 (like it was in the year 1999). That means the sum of all the 30 companies´ stocks was in reality $1321.29493 (10,000 x 0.132129493). Therefore, the average share price of the 30 companies listed on the DJIA index was a little more than $44/share. The 30 DJIA companies, their sector of economic activity and acromyn are:

  1. 3M (conglomerate, MMM)
  2. Alcoa (aluminum, AA)
  3. American Express (consumer finance, AXP)
  4. AT&T (telecommunications, T)
  5. Bank of American (banking, BAC)
  6. Boeing (aeroespace y defense, BA) 
  7. Caterpillar (construction equipment and mining, CAT)
  8. Chevron Corporation (petroleum and gas, CVX)
  9. Cisco Systems (information networks, CSCO)
  10. Coca-Cola (beverages, KO)
  11. DuPont (industrial chemicals, DD)
  12. ExxonMobil (petroleum and gas, XOM)
  13. General Electric (conglomerate, GE)
  14. Hewlett-Packard (tecnology, HPQ)
  15. The Home Depot (retail home improvement, HD)
  16. Intel (semiconductors, INTC)
  17. IBM (computers and technology, IBM)
  18. Johnson & Johnson (pharmaceuticals, JNJ)
  19. JPMorgan Chase (banking, JPM)
  20. Kraft Foods (food products, KFT)
  21. McDonald´s (fast food, MCD)
  22. Merck (pharmaceuticals, MRK)
  23. Microsoft (software, MSFT)
  24. Pfizer (pharmaceuticals, PFE)
  25. Proctor & Gamble (consumer goods, PG)
  26. Travelers (insurance, TVR)
  27. United Technologies Corportation (conglomerate, UTX)
  28. Verizon Communications (telecommunications, VZ)
  29. Wal-Mart (retails sales, WMY)
  30. Walt Disney (entertainment and broadcasting, DIS)


Beginner Investing : What Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Beginner Investing : What Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?